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As you know, the digital environment is constantly growing, especially after covid era. More and more businesses are going online.

The web provides several advantages to local businesses. An e-commerce site represents an extension of its activities and is considered to be an essential element. E-commerce and local commerce come together under the concept of omnichannel.

You’re not convinced yet? Here are good reasons to have an e-commerce store complementary to the activity of your store.

What is an e-commerce site?

An E-commerce site, merchant site, online store, are similar terms, but they present distinct E-commerce solutions.

An online store or e-commerce site is a sales website that allows a business or a merchant to market their product catalogues online.

This type of platform is always endowed with a very secure and fast payment system, which facilitates the shopping experiences for cyber shoppers via the web.

The principle of purchases on e-commerce sites is very simple, the customer adds the products to the basket, validates his basket and pays the merchant directly.

In the era of distance selling, different relationships can exist:

  • B2B: Business to business, which presents the commercial exchange between companies.
  • B2C: Business to Customer, which corresponds to online commerce between individuals and companies.
  • C2C: Customer to Customer, which presents e-commerce between individuals.

What are the 10 reasons to create an e-commerce site in 2021?

Today, investing in e-commerce has become a necessity for almost all type of businesses.
In the era of COVID-19, the social changes that we have experienced throughout 2020, have made it possible to overturn all the old norms of selling and buying.
Companies that have a well-digitized operating process have been able to overcome the damage of the pandemic
The latest statistics show that e-commerce has boosted the work of several professional circles, and has several advantages for businesses like:

  • A sale of products without borders
  • Improved awareness of your business
  • Unlimited traffic from your point of sale
  • A catalogue of products on display, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • A communication channel with your community
  • A presentation of your activities on an international scale
  • A flawless brand image
  • A well-guaranteed return on investment
  • Destocking of your unsold goods
  • An important position among your competitors

All the opportunities that you can generate through an e-commerce site will not only improve your business but also help you become the leader in your professional field.

Of course, setting up your online store requires the intervention of a web development agency specializing in the creation of e-commerce sites.

The year 2021 must witness the digital transformation of all companies, and thus, be the path to a more agile and efficient working world.

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