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EmIf you’re in a search of an agency to get a tremendous website built for you, you’re probably wondering how to choose your best web design agency. After all, the agency you choose will be responsible for the design & development of your site, which gives the first impression a customer will have about your brand and business. It’s a big decision! Here are 10 selection criteria to choose your web agency.

1. Make sure web development is done in-house 

In development, rigorous monitoring of work ensures quality control and adequate skills.

For cost reasons, many agencies outsource programming and do not hire full-time developer employees. They sometimes subcontract outside the country. Once the product is delivered, if a bug occurs, at what cost and how quickly will it be fixed? How do you get warranty coverage if the developers can’t be found?

For these professions, the work carried out in the workplace and that carried out remotely require different follow-ups. The risks to the quality and security of the code produced and the project vary according to the percentage carried out and checked on site.

Too often, information on the production method will not be released without a formal request.

As a result, ask the following questions about developers:

  • Will they all be permanent agency employees, and local?
  • What percentage of each developer’s work is done remotely?
  • How senior is the team of developers?
  • Do they use contractors for web development?
  • Does the firm use a standardized internal development approach, making it possible to understand, continue and correct the work done by any other developer?

2. Customer service & support

A website or a mobile application is a multifaceted virtual product, an essential project for the marketing, sales and activities of your organization, which requires your involvement during the stages of its realization.

More than ever today, this is a highly strategic project for your digital shift and your business growth. The quality of customer service is essential throughout the production, as well as after the launch, in order to develop your digital product sustainably and to your satisfaction.

Some problems faced by the clients because of bad customer support:

  • Deficient availability.
  • Not being able to talk to someone on the phone.
  • To be routinely directed to voice mailboxes during office hours.
  • Obtain late or imprecise responses by email.

During your first contacts with a candidate agency, test this availability! Ensure personalized, comprehensive, rapid and human-scale follow-up.

3. Look at the agency’s experience

With an agency that has proven itself over time, you do not risk being used as an experimental mouse! Its methods are proven, its robust and validated technologies, its seasoned staff and its expertise in advanced Web strategy.

There are some essential questions to ask about the agency:

  • How long have they have been in business?
  • Are there any testimonials on their website?
  • What are its achievements and specializations?
  • Can they advise you on technological matters?
  • Do they have experience in multiple industries, for different types of clients?
  • Does this agency provide personalized web hosting solutions, adapted to various realities (eg: multiserver solutions) and security (audits, firewall, anti-virus in place)?

When efficient web hosting is offered, we make sure to minimize server configuration issues and this reveals the agency’s expertise in different aspects of the Web.

It is sometimes conveyed that a company that works a lot with one type of client or with a particular sector is a good criterion. The versatility of an agency to respond to different target audiences is better! Your brand is unique and it is not in your interest to retain an agency that takes care of most of your competitors!

4. Check what will be your degree of autonomy with the web solutions of this agency

Too many web agencies chain their clients and hamper their autonomy by the following means:

  • By appropriating your domain name, Google accounts, social media, in order to complicate a change of supplier: You can delegate the management of your accounts and domain names, but by giving limited access rights if possible, or for a limited time. In all cases, you must retain all access at all times and retain ownership of your domain names.
  • By limiting the autonomy in the management of the content and the structure of the Web platform, in order to charge fees for these changes: The content manager must allow you the greatest possible autonomy in the changes of the content of your Web platform. This does not only concern texts, videos and images, but also the menu, standard layouts and page creation.
  • By programming the Web solution with a non-transferable or difficult-to-transfer language or technological platform: Make sure that the programming language, the development platform used or the Web framework is open-source, widely used and well-rated by the community developers. You will then retain your independence since another supplier can take over without difficulty.

5. Measure the potential for evolution and sustainability of the solutions offered

In 2021, a website, a virtual platform or a mobile application must evolve and last. Gone are the days of websites or apps that can be thrown away after 3-4 years and needed to be completely redone. Your investment must be able to evolve over your needs. The durability should be at least 10 years (which is unfortunately not possible with popular platforms like WordPress or Drupal, whose performance is declining month after month, over plugin updates).

The Web is also moving towards scalable solutions called Headless or Decoupled CMS, which consist of separating data management (back-end) and its display (front-end), allowing a Web platform to evolve over the years while extending its useful life and protecting your data.

With all said and done, having a dependable website design agency can get your where you want to reach. If you are looking for a website designing agency in Luton, we are just a phone call away.