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Design of an e-commerce store. The use of tablets and smartphones is constantly increasing today. According to a recent study, more than 30% of Internet users abandon a transaction if the website is not mobile-friendly. If we know that Google favours more and more responsive design websites, it is important to focus on user experience in the design of your design online store. Here are a few things that might convince you to take action.

A great design can increase your sales and conversion rates

For your online business activities, having a fabulous design of your e-commerce store is a great way to increase your conversion rates. The point is, you are providing a better browsing practice for all of your users because the redirect goes away. In addition, the use of Styles Sheets (CSS), as well as the unified conceptual approach, allows obtaining a visualization and a much more consistent ergonomics.

Moreover, this consistency in the practice of Internet users has a real impact on conversion rates if we know that the user can already browse on several different media. A responsive design e-commerce site makes it possible to circumvent certain obstacles at the level of functionalities, performances and especially of presentation and ergonomics.

Quality design improves your SEO

With a quality design, an e-commerce site is sure to attract and retain Internet users. Improving traffic will have a real impact on your search engine ranking. Previously, SEO campaigns were budget-intensive and required a fairly considerable human resource. Designing an online store is thus a way of concentrating all your efforts on a single site instead of several. In terms of economy and time saving, the advantages are considerable.

However, we must always ensure that the content is of high quality and especially regularly updated in order to capture the attention of Internet users. In fact, Google claims that responsive and mobile-optimized websites are more likely to appear on the first search results, which is of utmost importance for your merchant site.

Save time and money for the management of your store

As you probably know, an online store cannot be managed like any other website. It is a permanent investment because there is a lot of content to manage.

Optimizing the design of your e-commerce site will be a real asset in the management and maintenance of the site. In addition, a single management interface can be optimized through the use of several formatting and flow tools allowing you to ensure exact content management.

If you are planning to start an e-commerce store, we can help you with our top class website designing services. Feel free to contact us for details.