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Having made the decision to have a website, the first question that arises is the question of the development cost in a city like London.

The cost depends on factors that can inflate the budget if not kept under control. In this article, we will look at what factors influence website development costs and how to keep costs under control.

Why can’t you set the amount of development right away?

The development cost depends on what the customer wants. If you need an information site with a small number of pages, then it will cost several times cheaper than an online store with a personal account.

The complexity of the project determines the development price. The more functionality, the more people will work on the project. The more difficult the tasks, the longer it will take to work on the site.

What factors affect the cost of website development?

  • Hosting and domain prices

Domains can be paid or free. Free, as a rule, these are third-level domains that look like this: Such domains can be obtained for free by creating a website on a platform, for example, on WordPress.

Domains having popular keywords will already cost money. The simpler and shorter the domain, the more expensive it can be. Sometimes while buying hosting, a second-level free domain is provided as a gift by hosting providers, but those domains are valued less by search engines, for example, .net, .online.

Domains cost a lot of money if you buy domains from domain owners or “domain resellers”. Resellers buy attractive domains and then resell them at a premium. To buy a domain, we would recommend trusted platforms like Hostgator or Godaddy.

Hosting costs vary from company to company. Free hosting can be used on platforms like WordPress, Wix. but on such platforms, it will be difficult to host a complex project, for it you will have to organize a paid hosting that will be able to support the site.

  • Site engine

The free option in this case is popular website builders and some CMS platforms. When thinking about the future engine, it is worth keeping in mind the following things:

For most sites, the functionality of popular open-source CMS will suffice.
If the required functionality is not available on the platform, then it can be purchased or implemented into the site. It will be cheaper than switching to an engine that costs twice as much because of a couple of options.
Popular engines are updated more often than developments based on complex engines.
In case of threats, free CMSs respond faster and get support, thanks to the community, which can quickly find solutions to problems.

  • Site structure planning

This is one of the main stages when creating a website. At this stage, you also need to collect a semantic core, according to which you will need to think over the future structure. You can build the core yourself, but in this case, there is a threat to build a too narrowly focused core, which can lead to errors in the structure and a decrease in traffic.

Thinking over the structure, you need to remember that an overly complex structure will not only come out more expensive but can also lead to difficulties for users who will come to the site. You need to start with the most essential pages, and then act depending on the budget. If you are creating an online store, you can save money on the pages “About the Company”, “Documentation” and “Contacts” by combining them into one.

  • Engine customization

The cost of these works includes technical SEO and installation of various modules and themes.

You can also save on part of the work here by independently setting up the site on a CMS, for example, on WordPress. This CMS allows you to customize the desired functionality without involving third-party developers.

If the type of site is more complicated, then you need to consult with professionals or entrust them with setting up your website.

  • Design cost

Template solutions are much cheaper than complex designs. If there is no need for a unique design, then it is worth choosing a template solution. Templates come with a large selection of themes and structures to suit any request.

If you need to develop a website with a unique design, it will be more expensive anyway, however, you can reduce costs by drawing site prototypes yourself. This stage takes developers a lot of time and effort and therefore costs accordingly.

  • Content creation and promotion

Website content can also become a tangible expense. You can also create content yourself.

When developing a site, it is necessary to stipulate what kind of content the site will be filled with. If the cost of content writing is not too high, then you can hire a professional content writer to do the job.

  • Site support and administration, user training

Free support can be provided if the site is hosted on site builders. You can easily learn how to administer such sites yourself.

If the site has complex functionality and non-standard software solutions, then support will be paid. The cost will depend on the project itself. If the site was developed in WordPress, then the support will not be very expensive.


The cost of the entire project depends solely on the complexity of the site. Thinking over the future functionality, you need to keep in mind that a professional website will cost you money, and you might not get the work you expected. Therefore, before contacting the developers, you need to understand what exactly is your requirement.

Before developing, you need to be sure that you have enough knowledge about web development to discuss the development cost with the developers.

If you are thinking about creating a website for your company, but do not yet know what decision to make, then you can always consult our professional website developers. We will help you choose the right option for your budget and business specifications.