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The prerequisite for a successful SEO activity here is a topic that comes up often and deserves our attention. In fact, these days, all websites are wondering how to get their popularity on search engines. It is true that a few years ago the question did not arise because it was enough to create anchored links to be at the top of the ranking. But nowadays that is not exactly the case. So, in this blog, we will recap the prerequisites for setting up a successful SEO strategy.

So here are the fundamentals of what to do and prepare on your site before launching a perfect SEO activity

1. Is there a fundamental building block for a successful SEO campaign?

It would be very difficult to target a particular element that could be put forward for an optimized SEO campaign. Indeed, there are a host of factors that come into play in getting a website talked about. So, whether it is accessibility, loading speed, content, semantic field and density of words, titles, subtitles, description, the structure of the site and texts, internal and external links, keywords and many more… It is, therefore, a set of elements that plays a very important role in an effective SEO campaign in the long term, therefore, it would be quite difficult to target only one lever. In other words, natural SEO is a vast groundwork where each element is connected and plays a specific role in order to have the best positioning on search engines.

2. What are the other elements to take into account?

Title and subtitle tags are also very important in building your SEO campaign. In general, they will be used to locate in a few moments the terms on which you would like to be positioned. Of course, there is absolutely no point in focusing on this and abandoning the content, because the latter is also of utmost importance and could even drop your site in the rankings.

You should know that search engines like Google for example frequently update algorithms that are responsible for checking the conformity of your keywords and title tags with your content.

The design of your site is also taken into account and it is even a determining factor in a successful SEO campaign.. An attractive design can facilitate the success of your site. It must be said that Internet users base their first impression on the visual in order to form an opinion on a website. However, a site that has a beautiful visual will be much more likely to arouse the curiosity of Internet users in the first place and to retain them subsequently by providing them with an optimized user experience. Otherwise, a site with poor visuals will drastically drop traffic even if the content is relevant and the user experience is poor. Additionally, poorly groomed design can really be penalized by search engines with a dramatic drop in rank in the rankings.

3. Smoother navigation

After keywords, content, design and more, a website should also be easy to visit. Really, a website with smooth navigation will encourage more Internet users to stay a long time on the site. As a result, it will therefore be necessary to bet on much more structured navigation so that visitors find themselves more quickly and easily through all the information on your site. Indeed, it should be noted how tedious it is to spend too much time looking for information and in this case, users will leave without hesitation! Also, your site can have the most beautiful design possible, but if it takes a long time to load, it’s really not worth it.

Ultimately, you now have all the keys in hand to set up the prerequisites for a successful SEO campaign. It goes without saying that it would not be easy to do this yourself, so get in touch with professionals like Web Corporate.

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