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After deciding that the company needs a website, the question arises: how will it look like? There are two solutions: a ready-made template or design development from scratch.

The former is cheaper, but the latter makes the site stand out from the competition and looks more presentable.

In the article, we will analyze what are the advantages and disadvantages of each of the options and when this or that option will be preferable

General remarks

The main thing to rely on when choosing a design is the tasks that the site must perform. If you need an information site or a simple online store, then the template looks preferable to resource-intensive personal development.

If the tasks of the site are more complicated or the functionality is non-standard, the task is to increase brand awareness, or you need to focus on an existing design, get advantages in usability, stand out from competitors, then you should stop at a site with a unique design.

Development of site on a template



There are many website templates for different topics that can be found in specialized banks. For example, TemplateMonster, ThemeForest, Dribbble.

In the templates, the structure, graphic elements and other details of the future site are outlined in advance. There is nothing overtly negative in the template, although there are those who are biased towards it. Sometimes a template can be better than a uniquely designed website.

A website on a template has 2 main advantages:

  1. Development speed – the template can be installed directly on the site. In addition, there are free templates that can serve as a fallback when revising an existing site.
  2. Price – the design on the template will cost much less.

The templates are not as uniform as they might seem. There are many templates and each can be slightly altered for yourself.


The main disadvantage is that the template is not able to satisfy all the needs and desires of the developer. The template is designed in such a way that minimal changes can be made. You can change content and visuals. It will be more difficult to adhere to the company branding, fonts or design ideas on the template.

In addition, you can often find a site similar in structure and appearance from competitors. If you sell hardware tools, that’s okay. If something is individual or premium, the client will think that you are not unique and will pass by the offer.

Also, an element of surcharge is common on templates, when the necessary functionality can be purchased. In such solutions, you will have to pay extra for additional functions.

Template sites, even paid ones, usually come with unoptimized code, which can create a conflict with the CMS, plugin or other elements. In addition, it can carry an increased load on the hosting.

Unique custom web design

 web design custom



Websites with an individual style are created in accordance with the wishes of the client, recorded in the technical specification, and take into account the scope of the business.

The design is created from scratch, which means that any desire can be realized, everything is created specifically for your company with a thoughtful design. You will not find a second similar site.

A team will work on the project to make the site yield results. An SEO specialist will help prepare the site structure for future promotion. A UX designer will help you make your website user-friendly and intuitive. Designers will render pages in a way that is pleasant to read and users do not leave the site too quickly.

This site will distinguish the company from competitors, which will help to gain an advantage.


Uniquely designed websites also have disadvantages. First of all, it is the price. The reason is that the costs are not limited to the services of the designer, but also includes the work of other specialists who are involved in the process.

In addition, the development of such a site can take a long time. The timing depends on the complexity of the site, the specifics of the business, and on specific performers.

Also, such solutions require improvements after the end of the work. Bugs and other problems should be removed over time. The site can be constantly tested to avoid problems with the site in the future.

To sum up

If a company is ready to allocate large budgets and time for a project, then you can safely order a website with an individual design. Also, this solution is suitable for companies whose website will be filled with heavy content.

Sites on the template are suitable for startups and small businesses. Low budget and risks of business closure make it unwise to use a unique design.

If you are thinking about creating a website for your company, but are not yet sure which solution is right, then you can consult with our specialists at Empire Web Services. We will help you choose the right option for your budget and business specifics.